I will aim to upload many of my resources to these pages but a huge amount more can be found via dropbox by clicking here.  

I find this dropbox a bit easier to update and it also allows me to put numerous versions (PDF and word docs) so they are easier to edit. You should have access to download to your own dropbox or just download. Any issues and please let me know via @MissJLud on twitter.

There are separate folders for KS3 and KS4 such as the ones below. I have also added our ‘booklets’ of resources. We print these booklets to ensure consistency, save time and ensure organisation in lessons. They are a bit like our ‘text books’ and are used to encourage excellent annotations.


On this page, you’ll find some general resources that I have been using recently to aid teaching and learning which may prove useful. There are then separate tabs for KS3 and KS4 resources.

Our current KS3 Curriculum map can be found here (this may help you decide whether or not there is anything that may be of use). The curriculum map is not handed out to all students but there as the culmination of our thinking and justification behind our KS3 plans.

CMap images

It can be downloaded so to be seen more clearly here:  Curriculum Roadmap 2019-20



These active verbs are useful in every year to encourage more nuanced analysis – as long as are used correctly and the terms are taught explicitly!

Active Verbs for brilliant analysis