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As we find ourselves in a brand new world of remote learning, I will be sharing our (collaboratively created by my amazing team) resources for different year groups on a separate page. Over the forthcoming weeks, we will be combing all of our tasks into one booklet but for now (due to the timing we had to create them) there are some separate files. I have tried to put a brief explanation next to each. If you cannot download anything then please just tweet me @MissJLud and I can email you the editable version or PDF.

Year 7:

Harry Potter Tasks – these tasks take around 35-50 minutes each to complete. They are totally separate from our curriculum plan but students really engaged with them which is excellent at the start of something new. They do make links to Anglo-Saxon literature (Beowulf) and to The Hobbit a little as our students have read these but this isn’t essential:

Download the full tasks here: Year 7 – Remote Learning Tasks – March 2020 – PDF

Yr7RLWe also have some vocabulary words for the forthcoming weeks for Year 7. We use quizlet to practise these and the links can be used and copied for your own changes.

Weekly vocab links Year 7- Remote Learning




Year 8:

Our Year 8s have studied Dystopian Fiction recently and A Christmas Carol so these tasks cover those topics. Year 8 Remote Learning Tasks

The second sheet includes tasks unrelated to these and is focused on film and media studies. It is useful if you need some additional tasks. Yr 8 Introduction to Film

Year 9:

The Year 9 tasks are comprehension, analysis and writing based. The tasks are related to Of Mice an Men as Year 9 have finished reading this but could be approached regardless.

Year 9 Reading and Writing

Year 10:

Our Year 10 tasks are related to Journey’s End, Romeo and Juliet, some of the poems in our Edexcel Relationships Poetry Anthology and then writing tasks (these could span other year groups and exam boards easily).

NEW Poetry: 

GCSE English Literature Modern Poetry Booklet

Poetry Remote Learning Booklet

NEW Journey’s End:

GCSE English Literature JE Booklet

Romeo and Juliet:

Romeo and Juliet Remote Learning Booklet

English Language:

Imaginative Writing Lesson 1 worksheet

Writing Practice (article)

Writing Practice (letter)

Writing Practice (speech)

You may also wish to look at some of the Year 11 tasks below. These were created before we knew exams weren’t happening so may still prove useful for Year 10 or in later years.

Year 11:

We use Edexcel but study the following literature texts:

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • An Inspector Calls or Journey’s End
  • Jekyll and Hyde

Literature Revision Booklet

The language also contains lots of AQA style writing challenges:

Y11 Lang Revision Booklet 2020

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