Teaching and Learning Takeover ebook and 2014!

tlt logos

Why am I writing this now you ask?

Well because it’s nearing TLT2014 I answer…

Teaching and Learning Takeover (TLT) is the title of a teaching and learning conference which took place on the South coast in October 2013. It was free to attend and open to around 180 teachers – the entire day was held at the University of Southampton. The concept was thought up by teacher and conference organiser David Fawcett. He (foolishly) asked for my assistance and together, with much support from the University’s Department of Education, we ran TLT 2013 . The principle of the conference was to encourage everyone and anyone (preferably those in education) to teach, collaborate and share.

There are so many brilliant memories from this day that I won’t even begin to list them.  Many other people, workshop leaders and delegates, have already done so on their blogs and through sharing their thoughts with colleagues and friends.  Thanks to David Fawcett’s (@DavidFawcett27) ability to control and plan everything around him, my ability to freak out in an elegant manner and the support of the brilliant workshop leaders on the day almost everything went swimmingly. Astonishing considering it was a first attempt! We must also thank the talented and kind Pete Jones (@Pekabelo) for creating the programme used on the day and my clever friend designer Kate Jones (@Kateoats) for the logos.

There are of course things we can learn year on year and we hope to improve with time. However, to relive those memories, to gain access to materials and support from the day and to find out who to talk to about their workshops and ideas please do download and utilise the ebook. This is a particularly useful tool if you weren’t able to make it and are interested in doing so next year. I often find myself looking through it to find further new and interesting ideas I may have missed on the day.

http://edssential.co.uk/tlt13-resources/  – visit here to find out how to get the ibook and the PDF version! It looks like this:


After many painstaking weeks of faffing with layout and hyperlinks the book contains a number of interactive  links. Do try clicking on the pictures, names and anything highlighted in blue as this will be likely take you to a presentation, website or twitter feed of that workshop leader. This works best if you download to Dropbox and open in iBooks.

As a final snippet of information, please be aware that TLT14 is currently in the making. It will be held in mid October. Dates are confirmed but we will let you know nearer the time just in case changes are made! It will again be at the University of Southampton and all details will be on the website before tickets are released.

We have more brilliant workshop leaders lined up with a focus on there being a range of teaching styles represented, a wide range of opinions on the ever changing educational world and a real focus on allowing delegates to discuss and contribute to workshops and not be passive participants. We also have some astoundingly eloquent and informative opening and closing speeches (don’t worry I don’t plan on chatting!). Please keep an eye out for ways in which to sign up through Twitter and the Edssential website. There will be again 200 tickets free to whoever claims them first! If you have any feedback or comments about the last TLT that you think we should know about please do let us know!

Ps. I’m not making a cake again – My department and I had to spend weeks eating that flipping cake! Some pics of cake and from the day below!




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