Blogging justification

I think this is the third time I have attempted to start a blog and now that it looks like I have (after less than one sentence) I hope that I will be able to keep up with it and make it both useful and reflective. All year I have been asked to be reflective about my teaching and learning. So much so that I am quite sick of the word. The idea of the blog is not just to be reflective about what I have done but, more importantly, about what I have learnt from the wonderful people I work with and the inspiring teachers I’ve been lucky enough to engage with.

I am extremely new to teaching. After less than 1 year as a GTP I still have very little idea what I am doing but I do feel strongly that there are wonderful ideas out there and new ideas that need to be harnessed and tried out in the classroom. I am sure this means making a number of mistakes, making a bit of a fool of myself in front of both staff and teachers and moreover creating and forgetting a million and one passwords for all the bizarre ICT sites and apps I find.

I hope that it won’t be too long before I can either afford or persuade someone to get me an iPad so I can use it in class. I am extremely lucky to work in a school where the pupils are very up to date with technology and the school itself has  a great amount of ICT but not all of which is properly harnessed.

Hopefully this will be a reflection of my my ideas, mistakes and the funny comments my year 7s come up with on a Friday afternoon! That will probably be the highlight.


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